Applied Training Course “The European Union and its policies for Democracy and Fundamental Rights”

The course “The European Union and its policies in favor of Democracy and Fundamental Rights” was designed as part of the aforementioned European Module Jean Monnet. Its academic added value consists in creating a new educational offer that aims to develop a specific program to overcome the dysfunctions detected in the education system.
In Brazilian universities, there are generally no subjects of European law in the study plans of the Law Degree, which is essential for the pursuit of 2nd cycle studies in Law in European countries. The module aims to provide participants with a way to improve their knowledge and have an impact on their professional life.

The first edition took place from 3 to 6 July 2019, in room 302 of Universidade Portucalense with a workload of 32 hours in person and an allocation of 8 ECTS.

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