The European Union as a global actor for Democracy and Fundamental Rights

In July 2018, the UPT had the application approved by the European Union for the creation of the “Jean Monnet European Module: “The European Union as a global actor in favor of Democracy and Fundamental Rights” that aims to promote knowledge about the European Union in a legal aspect for a target audience consisting of law graduates from Brazilian universities interested in pursuing postgraduate studies in Portugal.

Teaching activities will be carried out in both countries: Brazil and Portugal. The course to be held in Brazil is called “Democracy and Fundamental Rights in European Union Law” will have 32 hours of contact, with an innovative character, as there are no curricular units in undergraduate courses in Law, with this theme in  Brazil. In Portugal, part of the Module will be a curricular unit of the Master of Law course called “Community Litigation”, lasting 24 hours, whose frequency will be open, free of charge, to Brazilian university professors with an interest in European affairs. A course called “The European Union and its policies for Democracy and Fundamental Rights” will also be created with 32 hours of contact. In addition to the teaching activities described, the Module will promote research on Fundamental Rights in the European Union, hold conferences and round tables and publish scientific articles. These events simultaneously combine scientific, educational and promotional functions.

The Universidade Portucalense (UPT) has solid experience in teaching subjects related to the European Union in the courses of Law Degree, Master of Law and Master in European and Comparative Law. The Instituto Jurídico Portucalense (IJP) participates in several international projects on relevant issues of European Union law.

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